Development status of our country's sanitary pesticide industry

12-Oct-2021 AOGRAND
1. Overview of the pesticide market
Insecticides can be divided into sanitary insecticides and agricultural insecticides according to their uses. Among them, agricultural insecticides are mainly used to effectively prevent orchards and vegetable gardens from being infested by pests, ensuring high yield and quality of agricultural products, with large dosages, and toxic and harmful Strong characteristics. The sanitary pesticides are for the retail market, and most of them are low-toxic after being diluted. The humid climate in the south is conducive to the activities of mosquitoes, so there is a natural rigid demand for sanitary insecticides. According to relevant data surveys conducted by my country's pesticide-related administrative departments, household use and public health are the main markets for China's sanitary pesticides, occupying 93.3% and 6.7% of the market respectively. With the improvement of people’s awareness of public health safety and the quality of life, the domestic market for sanitary pesticides has gradually expanded. In 2019, the domestic market for sanitary pesticides reached 18.748 billion yuan in retail sales.

There are four main ways of action of insecticides, namely contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation, and internal absorption. Therefore, a large number of sanitary insecticide products have been derived. Among them, the largest domestic market share of sanitary insecticides is mosquito coils. In 2019, mosquito coils It accounts for 30.9% of registered pesticides, followed by aerosols (18.5%). In recent years, electric mosquito repellent liquid/sheet products have developed rapidly, and currently account for 16.6% of registered products. Due to the wide insecticidal spectrum, high efficacy, low toxicity, easy biodegradation, and no toxic residues after biodegradation, pyrethroids are the main raw materials of sanitary insecticides. Most of the active ingredients of aerosols, mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, mothproofing agents, etc. on the market are sanitary pyrethroids.
2. The rapid rise of electric mosquito liquid/sheet related products
From the comparison within the industry, the market size of traditional mosquito coils and aerosols has declined slightly in recent years, mainly because the traditional mosquito coils and aerosols are more toxic and cause more obvious harm to the human body. For sanitary pesticides, products must be green, safe and environmentally friendly. Whether it is active ingredients or additives, and methods of use, safety comes first. The safety, green, and environmental protection concepts of electric mosquito repellent liquid have been recognized by consumers. Its sales have rapidly increased from 1.54 billion yuan in 2013 to 4.3 billion yuan in 2019, becoming the fastest growing segment in this field.
3. The impact of environmental protection inspectors on the pesticide industry
In recent years, due to the country's further strengthening of environmental protection inspections for the chemical industry, the production capacity of the heavy chemical and pesticide industries in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has declined. As the domestic pesticide industry enters a period of structural adjustment, highly toxic and highly polluting pesticides are gradually eliminated. Under the pressure of environmental protection, the production costs of enterprises have increased, and the entry barriers for newly developed pesticides are relatively high. The superposition of multiple factors has led to the withdrawal of some high-cost and backward production capacity in the industry, and the decline in domestic pesticide production. Domestic pesticide production dropped from 813,400 tons in 2012 to 389,000 tons in 2019. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, with the promotion of environmental protection policies and the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, higher requirements were put forward for the biological rationality and environmental compatibility of pesticides. High-efficiency, low-toxicity, and low-residue insecticides are replacing high-toxicity and high-residue insecticides into the market.
4. The future development trend of sanitary pesticides
Under the background that safety and greenness have become the main keynote of the development of the pesticide industry, plant-derived sanitary pesticides have increasingly become a research hotspot in the use of disease vector control drugs. Plants produce abundant secondary metabolites during growth and development, including substances with insecticidal activity, such as alkaloids, toxic proteins, essential oils, coumarins, phenols and terpenes, etc. The utilization of resources has deepened, and more and more plants have been discovered that can be used in the field of pest control. At present, the research on plant-derived sanitary insecticides mainly focuses on natural pyrethrins, plant essential oils, natural repellents, and plant-derived insecticide synergists. Plant-derived insecticides have the advantages of rich resources, diverse action mechanisms, low toxicity and low residues, environmental friendliness, etc., and their development space and application prospects are very broad.
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