Is the role of mosquito coils repelling or killing mosquitoes?

21-Oct-2021 AOGRAND
Is the role of mosquito coils repelling or killing mosquitoes? I believe everyone is troubled by this. As a common mosquito-flying product in daily life, mosquito coils are frequently used by people, so what are their specific effects? Let us look at it together.

1. The main ingredients of mosquito killing products at home and abroad are pyrethroids-high-efficiency and low-toxic pesticides.
The most effective ingredient in the mosquito-killing products is pyrethroid, a highly effective and low-toxic pesticide. Let’s take a look at the explanation in Baidu Encyclopedia: Pyrethroid is the main ingredient of mosquito-killing products, and it can effectively kill mosquitoes and flies. The pesticides include natural pyrethroid and chemical synthetic pyrethroid. The main component of natural pyrethroids is pyrethrin; chemically synthesized pyrethrins are called pyrethroids, and there are many types, including permethrin, tetramethrin, cypermethrin, deltamethrin, dextro-trans allethrin, etc. These ingredients are all pesticides recommended by the World Health Organization that can be used to prevent and control health pests and their vectors.
2. Mechanism of action
Nerve agents, which poison the nervous system of insects, first induce excitement of insects, then block nerve conduction, and insects convulse, paralyze, and die. The signs of poisoning are divided into two stages, namely the excitement period and the inhibition period. Therefore, two indicators of knockdown rate and lethality rate are commonly used to indicate the characteristics of each species. This can also explain our daily phenomenon. After using the mosquito coil, we first found that the mosquito was lying motionless on the wall. It was because he was drenched with alcohol and his nervous system was excited. As the poisoning time passed, most of the mosquitoes were convulsed and convulsed, and most of them were killed by the poison. But some mosquitoes, when the concentration of pyrethroid in the air drops, slowly regain consciousness and start to make waves again.
3. Toxic and non-toxic?
It has certain toxicity and is basically harmless when used reasonably. Mosquito coils contain a small amount of insecticidal pesticides, including organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids. Regular mosquito coil products will be marked with "low toxicity" or "mild toxicity" on the packaging. Among them, pyrethroid insecticides are low-toxic and high-efficiency insecticides allowed by the state. They are also pesticides recommended by the World Health Organization for the prevention and control of health pests and their vectors, and they are basically harmless to the human body.
According to experts, traditional mosquito coils contain fine particles, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyl compounds (formaldehyde and acetaldehyde), benzene and other substances. If excessively used in a closed room, it may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing. Symptoms, so the room should be ventilated when burning mosquito coils. In addition, special populations such as asthmatics should be careful about the smell of mosquito coils inducing allergic reactions.
4. When buying mosquito coils, you should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) Look at the packaging box. There should be name, address, production date, expiration date, ingredients, implementation standards and pesticide registration certificate in the box. The outer packaging of the mosquito-repellent incense should have the factory address, factory name, product standard number, pesticide temporary registration certificate number and pesticide production approval number, etc. The pesticide standards of mosquito repellent products generally begin with ‘HNP’, and the purchase depends on whether it is registered by the Ministry of Agriculture.
(2) Look at the appearance. Take mosquito coils as an example. The rough surface indicates poor quality. Electric mosquito coils and liquid mosquito coils, plastic parts must not have obvious warping, cracks, scratches, burrs, etc. And the fasteners must not be loosened.
(3) Look at the production date. The closer the production date, the better the mosquito repellent effect. From the appearance point of view, qualified mosquito coils have fine processing, uniform color and strong flexural strength, and the ignition time is about 7 to 8 hours; inferior mosquito coils have rough surface and loose internal materials, which are easy to break and extinguish. Qualified mosquito coils have only yellow flames and blue-white smoke after being ignited, while toxic mosquito coils have green flames and black smoke. After the qualified mosquito coil is ignited, the smoke subsides, the smell is not strong, and there is a natural fragrance; the toxic mosquito coil will have a pungent dizziness when opened and ignited, and will cause palpitations and chest tightness after a long time. Qualified mosquito coil ash should be white or gray, and toxic mosquito coil ash should be black.
If it is impossible to identify whether the mosquito coil is safe and qualified, and the mosquito coil emits a strong peculiar smell after being ignited, stop using it immediately. In addition, for safety reasons, it is best not to put lighted mosquito coils near the head to reduce inhalation of smoke. When buying mosquito coils, it is best to choose mosquito coils made by large manufacturers.
Here, I will introduce you to a trusted brand of mosquito repellent products -ARROW mosquito repellent product. Arrow is a brand of Jiangsu Aogrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. It belongs to Aogrand Group, which has more than 20 years of professional scientific research and production experience. Its products are mainly concentrated in mosquito killing products, and it is a rising star in the daily chemical industry.
Aogrand Group has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of Mosquito coil, liquid mosquito coil, mosquito coil sheet and other mosquito repellent products, and has been engaged in export trade for many years. Mosquito repellent products are very popular in many countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
Aogrand Group has sufficient production capacity and professional automated production technology, with an annual production capacity of 3 million, and different product specifications can meet the needs of different customers. Twenty years of professional daily chemical production, strong strength, can provide OEM/ODM services. With complete international qualification certificates, including CE, MSDS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., product quality is guaranteed.
Aogrand Group has a production base of 200,000 square meters, high-quality industrial equipment and sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of different customers. More importantly, Aogrand has the industry's top R&D technical personnel, completely independent research and development products, and established a unique product style and brand image. With the business philosophy of "Quality First, Credit First, Management First, and Sincere Service", all links from R&D, production to transportation are strictly checked.
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