Why are there pyrethroids in mosquito coils?

17-Sep-2021 AOGRAND
Going back more than 400 years ago, people at that time have realized that some plants can kill insects. For example, using a type of chrysanthemum to make dry powder has a very good insecticidal effect, hence the name "Pyrethrum". Later research further discovered that this was because the pyrethrum chrysanthemum contained the natural compound "pyrethrin".
In the middle of the 20th century, people discovered that natural pyrethrins had outstanding advantages compared with other insecticides such as DTT. Not only the insecticidal effect is good, but the key is that it is less toxic to humans and mammals, so it can be used in many human and animal situations. Therefore, until now, the production of pyrethrins has been relatively large, and they can also be seen in some insecticides and mosquito repellent products. But as a "natural product", it also has drawbacks. The two most important points are that the output is greatly affected by the environment and is not stable enough.
One of the things that scientists are best at is to upgrade compounds or ingredients with known structures. The upgrade and transformation of pyrethrins is nothing more than this. The new synthetic products must not only satisfy the insecticidal effect, but also be more stable. , The toxicity is less. Therefore, a large number of "pyrethroid" pesticides have been developed like bamboo shoots after a rain.

What are the ingredients in common mosquito coils?
After talking about the basic knowledge of pyrethroids, let’s return to the composition analysis of the mosquito coil itself. Everyone is more concerned about this aspect.
1. Active insecticidal ingredients
At present, the most common pyrethroids are mainly composed of the following four components. This ranking basically represents the market share, so it is in order.
• cyfluthrin
• Permethrin
• Trifluthrin
• Promethrin
Cyfluthrin is currently the most widely used chemical in insecticides. It has high killing activity against mosquitoes and flies and other pests. The dosage is even as low as 0.03%. It is also the most mainstream mosquito coil and insecticide active ingredients, and it is the leader of the household insecticide market.
Permethrin is a relatively new type of pyrethroid sanitary insecticide, which has a high control effect on mosquitoes that are resistant to allethrin and propargyl. The pesticide is safe to the human body and does not pollute the environment, and the dosage of its preparation is as low as 0.015%.
The toxicity is lower than the above two, and some laboratory results show that its killing effect is also strong (better than chlorfluthrin), but because of the manufacturer’s patent, it is seldom used in current household insecticide products.
It is an early mosquito-killing ingredient on the market. It can be used in combination with other pyrethroids in many mosquito coils to have a good mosquito-killing effect. However, some studies have found that many mosquitoes are resistant to drugs.
These four pyrethroids are already low-toxic & highly effective active ingredients, and any one of them can be used safely in insecticides.
2. Other ingredients
It can be seen from the label content on the package that the above active ingredients basically account for 0.5%-1%, so the remaining 99% of the ingredients can be regarded as excipients. Someone said: I searched through the outer packaging of the mosquito repellent liquid product, but only found one ingredient and content. Is this legal? Of course it's legal. After all, this is not cosmetics, and there is no need to put everything on the standard. But even though mosquito-repellent incense liquid is a pesticide, it has the same effect as skin care products in terms of formula principles.
Solvents with the highest addition amount are solvents, such as ethanol, long-chain alkanes and so on. The key to solvent requirements is that the formulation is more stable and the price is lower. There is also a large category of plant mosquito repellent ingredients. For example, many studies have shown that compounding some plant essential oils on the basis of pyrethroid pesticides can improve the smell and enhance the insect repellent effect. Among these ingredients, the most common ones are mosquito repellent, evening lavender and lavender essential oils, as well as eucalyptus oil and so on.
In addition, there are some plant extracts that have been verified in experiments, which have a certain synergistic effect, such as linseed extract, Scutellaria barbata extract, Dioscorea chinensis extract, Poria cocos extract and so on. There is also an important component in the mosquito-repellent incense liquid, that is, surfactants, mainly sulfates, the most common ones are fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. The role of surfactants is very important. On the one hand, emulsification can increase the stability of the formulation, and on the other hand, it can effectively increase the volatilization rate of the solvent.
Which "pyrethroid" mosquito coils should be avoided as much as possible?
First, try not to choose products with the active ingredient "allethrin".
Compared with the several ingredients mentioned above, allethrin is more neurotoxic. Since the efficacy is not as good as cyfluthrin, the amount of mosquito coils added will be relatively high, and some will be as high as 20mg per tablet.
At present, allethrin may appear in some of the cheaper disk-type mosquito coils and electric mosquito coils. Once you feel dizzy or nauseous while sleeping, it is not ruled out that the use of mosquito coils in a sealed space may cause you to open windows for ventilation.
Second, do not use products labeled as "propargyl methrin" for a long time.
Although propargyl pyrethrin has low toxicity and good effect, it can be used at home, but the disadvantage is that after a period of use, mosquitoes are relatively more likely to develop resistance. In addition, some mosquitoes may be born with drug resistance, so the effect may not be as good as others.
Drug resistance is similar to "allethrin" in this point, so try to replace the mosquito coil with permethrin after a period of use. In this way, try to ensure that the resistance of mosquitoes does not build up so quickly around your life.
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