ARROW brand products of Aogrand Group appeared at the 130th China Import and Export Fair

09-Nov-2021 AOGRAND
The highly anticipated 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly opened on October 15. Aogrand Group brought its ARROW and related international brands to make a major appearance at the exhibition. At the five-day Canton Fair, Aogrand Group, with its outstanding performance and fruitful results, brought a successful conclusion to the exhibition of the Canton Fair!

China Import and Export Fair
The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was established in the spring of 1957. It is currently the largest comprehensive international trade fair with the largest scale, the longest history, the most comprehensive variety of goods, the best transaction effect and the best reputation in China. Co-hosted by the People's Government of Guangdong Province.
The current Canton Fair held the first time after the third consecutive cloud was held, the first time to promote domestic international dual cycles as the theme, the first online online convergence, the first national-level Zhujiang International Trade Forum . A new platform that breaks through time and space limitations, "selling global bought global", providing a new opportunity to share China's manufacturing and the Chinese market for all countries in the world.
After 64 years of development, the Canton Fair has played an important role in China and the world trade. Over the years, Aogrand Group has continued to debut the company's latest outcomes, and further expands the image and development of national brands while comprehensively broadening overseas trade market share, and sharing development results with global customers.
Aogrand Group
Aogrand Group is located in Nanjing. It was established in 1992 and has been deeply involved in the daily chemical industry for nearly 30 years. It is a leading manufacturer of consumer goods in China. This year's Canton Fair was held for the first time through the integration of online and offline. Aogrand Group has advanced in two lines and participated in the grand event. The online popularity is hot, and offline orders continue to be signed.

Online exhibition hall cloud interview, global dialogue. Aogrand Group’s “Cloud Showroom” breaks through the limitations of time and space, and enhances the real interactive experience with the help of live broadcast, video, graphics, and VR exhibition halls, and fully demonstrates product features and corporate strength. The anchors took turns to promote products and services to overseas merchants in a fluent foreign language, which attracted many merchants from all over the world to "surf" the exhibition, and received a large number of intentional orders.
The offline exhibition hall makes a lot of friends all over the world. The exhibition hall of Aogrand Group has not only won unanimous recognition from customers at home and abroad with its exquisite exhibition design, high-quality brand products and professional explanation services, but also fully demonstrated the strength of the group, consolidated existing partnerships, and tapped a large number of potential customers. With the user groups, it has laid a solid foundation for opening up new markets.
Aogrand Group is based on the international market as a national enterprise, with a sales network covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and its products are exported to all corners of the world. The group has a wide production plant and sophisticated fully automated equipment, and has established an advanced laboratory. With international production technology and scientific research innovation, the group creates a healthy human settlement and empowers a better life. Participating in the Canton Fair has opened up a broader new space for the group and created countless new business opportunities.
In the future, Aogrand Group will continue to penetrate into the international market while opening up the domestic market and providing better services to build a new development pattern in which the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other; and actively embrace the trend of digital development, integrate online and offline development, and build an integrated service system, To create a full-service platform for the global daily chemical industry.
ARROW brand
Aogrand Group's brands cover hundreds of products such as sterilization and disinfection, cleaning and washing, personal care, maternal and child products, fresh air, mosquito and insect repellent, and today we will introduce one of our mosquito and insect repellent brand-ARROW.
"ARROW" is the company's main brand, determined to serve people who pursue high-quality life. It is our responsibility to develop and innovate more environmentally friendly and efficient products. The company has professional sales and after-sales service personnel. Relying on nearly 30 years of professional experience and technology in the production of insecticidal aerosols, it can continuously provide high-quality and stable products.
We have good innovation ability and constantly develop new sales areas and sales models, which can help customers develop and break through the original sales thinking, and bring customers a brand-new sales experience and service system. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "creating a brand by quality, benefiting from management, and seeking development by innovation". From the source to control the quality of products, whether product packaging or raw material procurement, to the tracking of goods, we have adopted more refined management and control.
On the basis of existing products, we have developed environmentally friendly products such as environmentally friendly insecticide sprays, household maternal and child-type electric mosquito coils, etc., leading the trend and direction of the insecticidal industry. Aogrand has the industry's top R & D technical personnel, completely independent research and development of products, and established a unique product style and brand image. The annual production capacity reaches 3 million, and different product specifications can meet the needs of different customers. Twenty years of professional daily chemical production, strong strength, can provide OEM/ODM services.
If you are interested in ARROW mosquito repellent products and are interested in business cooperation with us, please contact us, we provide 24-hour online service.



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