Is insecticidal aerosol harmful to humans?

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Due to the continuous update and advancement of technology, more and more insecticidal products, aerosol-type insecticidal products are convenient to use and have rapid effects, and are more favored by consumers. Insecticide aerosol has become an indispensable item in the summer family. So what is the insecticidal aerosol and will it be harmful to the human body? This article will take you to understand:

Insecticide aerosol
Since the first successful development of hygienic insecticidal aerosol in my country in 1982, it has developed rapidly due to its good killing effect, easy to carry, use, storage, rapid effectiveness, accuracy and other unique advantages. Aerosol insecticide refers to the insecticide preparation (original liquid) that the original liquid of the insecticide and the propellant are sealed together in a pressure tank with a valve, and sprayed in the form of a mist during use. The sprayed micro-shaped mist particles are called aerosols.

Is insecticidal aerosol harmful to humans?
The effective ingredients of insecticides are mainly pyrethroids such as tetramethrin, which are less toxic to humans and animals, and have excellent poisoning and fumigation effects on mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other pests. At present, commercially available household insecticides are mainly pyrethroid aerosol insecticides. Generally, tetramethrin with hitting effect and permethrin with lethal effect, pyrethrin, etc. are used for compounding. The medicament not only has a faster hitting effect, but also has a strong killing effect.

Insecticide aerosols are generally low-toxic. "Low-toxicity" refers to the effective insecticidal ingredients of less than 1% of insecticides. The elimination of pests depends on the effective ingredients of less than 1%, which is harmful to the human body. The harmful thing is that this is less than 1% of small ingredients. Normal use of this 1% active ingredient is not harmful to us, and it can be easily excreted by our metabolic system.

In our daily use, pesticides are not harmful to us, but if they are used improperly, they will pose a security threat. Long-term exposure to pesticides can also cause neurological symptoms such as cranial nerve palsy, paresthesia, dizziness, and headache. So you need to be careful and avoid long-term exposure to pesticides.
When the insecticidal aerosol is used improperly, it will burn and explode. Because most of the insecticidal aerosols are composed of alcohol and ethanol, the air pump rubs against the inside of the bottle, causing sparks, and the addition of alcohol will cause burning. In addition, after the pesticide liquid is sprayed, the propane and butane components in the liquid mix with the air to form an explosive mixture. Once it encounters an open flame, spark or high temperature, it will explode. Therefore, the correct use of insecticide aerosol is very important.

Precautions for using insecticidal aerosol
Different from ordinary daily necessities, insecticide aerosol has certain toxicity, if not careful, it is easy to endanger the health of family members and children. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following points when using:
1. Before using the insecticide aerosol, all food, water sources, and cupboards must be sealed. It is best to use it after people eat to avoid contamination, and the insecticide should be placed out of the reach of children.
2. It should be well protected. It is best to wear long-sleeved clothes and a mask to prevent skin or respiratory tract poisoning. If it accidentally drips on the skin, wash it in time.
3. Don't overuse. Many people increase the dosage in order to enhance the insecticidal effect, but this can also easily lead to poisoning. If you find that your family members or children have symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, skin irritation, etc., you should leave the environment where insecticides have been used in time, and send them to the hospital for treatment in serious cases.
4. If there are babies and pregnant women in the house, it is not advisable to use insecticide aerosol at this time, or let the babies and pregnant women completely leave the place to be sprayed.
5. Choose low-toxic insecticidal aerosol. When choosing insecticidal aerosols, try to choose low-toxic insecticides, such as some pyrethroid insecticides, which are less harmful to the human body.
6. Since the insecticidal aerosol is pressure-packed, it is necessary to avoid violent impact and high temperature environment. In addition, some products use flammable organic substances as solvents. Do not spray them at the ignition source to avoid danger.
The correct method of use should be: before using the insecticidal aerosol, consumers should carefully read the label instructions, and pay more attention to the warnings and suggestions mentioned in the instructions. When in use, shake it first, and then spray it directly at the pests, or close the doors and windows and spray it in all directions in the space at will, so that the room is covered with mist, which can kill mosquitoes and other flying insects in a few minutes. Open the doors and windows after 10 minutes, and enter the room after ventilation. For cockroaches and other reptiles, the aerosol should be sprayed evenly on the places where they infest, stay, and inhabit. If you want to maintain the long-lasting effect of the medicine, you should not wipe it off after spraying.

How to choose insecticidal aerosol
At present, there are hundreds of companies producing insecticide sprays across the country. They have produced various insecticide products through the use of aerosol filling machines and insecticide formulation technology, and the product quality is uneven. When purchasing, pay attention to the safety of the product quality, because this is directly related to the health and life safety of thousands of households. Consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing insecticidal aerosols for household use:

1. To buy products that have been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, do not buy products that do not have a pesticide registration certificate. Before entering the market, sanitary pesticides must be registered with the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture will review the experimental data of the product’s effectiveness, safety, use methods, etc., and approve the registration after confirming that it is qualified, and give the pesticide registration certificate number. , Such as: WL95618, WP65-99. According to regulations, the registration certificate number should be written in a prominent position on the label. Products without a pesticide registration certificate have not been tested and reviewed, especially the use effect and safety are not guaranteed, and the potential safety hazards are greater. Even some illegal companies add highly toxic pesticide ingredients to their products. Although they can effectively kill sanitary pests, they can easily cause human and animal poisoning.

2. To purchase products with qualified label content, do not purchase products with incomplete or false content. The labels of household sanitary pesticides are generally printed directly on the outer packaging of the product. Some products, because the outer packaging is small, cannot carry the entire contents of the label, and an instruction manual is added to the packaging. A qualified label should have the following content: pesticide registration certificate number, production license number, product standard number, product name, Chinese and English common name, usage method, precautions, etc., all of which are indispensable. If the content of the label is incomplete, or there is language that exaggerates the use effect of the product and the absolute safety for humans and animals, it is a substandard label and should be paid attention to.

3. Pay attention to choosing non-irritating products with the words "low toxicity" and "micro-toxicity", as well as some more reliable and qualified large brands, and product safety and insecticidal effectiveness are more guaranteed. Insecticide aerosols belong to the category of pesticide management. The "Pesticide Management Regulations" strictly stipulates the registration system of pesticides. Highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides are not allowed to be used for the prevention and control of health pests. Therefore, the effective ingredients of regular products are both humans and animals are low-toxic.
ARROW insecticidal aerosol
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