How to choose electric mosquito repellent liquid suitable for babies and infants?

17-Sep-2021 AOGRAND
In the hot summer, a season where all kinds of mosquitoes are prone to, when the night comes, you are a little careless...It is the red "big bags" that are bitten one by one, their weapons are long and sharp, and they are still chasing after them.

First: Basis for purchasing electric mosquito coil
The principle of electric mosquito coils is to inhale insecticides such as pyrethrum into paper or liquid, and use the heat generated by electricity to evaporate into the air to kill insects and mosquitoes. The mosquito repellent effect of electric mosquito coils is usually 4-6 hours, and some products can reach 8-10 hours. In contrast, the mosquito repellent time of mosquito coil liquid is much longer, basically about 30 days. It's more convenient. You don't need to change the mosquito-repellent incense piece diligently, just turn on the power and press the switch.
Electric mosquito-repellent incense liquid is composed of two parts: mosquito-repellent incense liquid/sheet and heater. Their quality together determines the effectiveness and safety of the product. However, many friends are more concerned about the quality of mosquito-repellent coils or liquid when choosing such products, instead of neglecting the quality of non-consumable heaters.
A high-quality heater must first be made of safe and harmless materials to ensure that no harmful substances will be released due to heating; at the same time, the heating function must be stable, and the long-term work will not cause safety accidents due to overheating. In addition, The fever must be long-lasting and stable so that the effective substances in the mosquito repellent products can be fully released.
Purchase focus: effective area, working hours, detailed design
Effective area: Like other mosquito repellent products, electric mosquito-repellent incense liquid also has its effective area, which is usually introduced in the product description. Pay special attention when choosing.
Working hours: Different brands of mosquito repellent products have different replacement cycles, which can be determined at the time of selection. It is worth noting that although products with a long validity period seem to reduce the cost and trouble of replacing mosquito repellents/sheets, among them there are often more active ingredients added, which causes a certain burden on the human body, especially the children.
Detailed design: Since it needs to be powered on, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the power supply is convenient when selecting such products. For example, the heater of many products adopts a rotatable plug design, which can be applied to more sockets and is also convenient for the placement of mosquito repellent products. Place it like electric mosquito-repellent incense liquid, which must be placed vertically.
Second: Buying tips for electric mosquito liquid
1. Check the packaging, check the origin, manufacturer's information and instructions for use are complete. In addition, qualified electric mosquito coil products must be marked with the approval number of the National Agricultural Commission and the accurate drug composition and content.
2. Understand the active ingredients and content of electric mosquito coil products to ensure low toxicity and no irritation, especially when choosing for babies. The cost of mosquito repellent used for this kind of products is basically pyrethroids, such as permethrin, permethrin, etc., and DEET. It is worth noting that DEET affects the human body, especially children It is relatively large, and different countries have made strict restrictions on its content. This will be explained in detail in the purchase reminder link later.
3. There should be no scratches, cracks, deformation, etc. on the surface of the heater. Check the place of origin, manufacturer and instructions for completeness.
4. After the power is turned on, the indicator light of the heater can light up normally, and the temperature rises normally. The heat transfer plate should feel hot to the hands after powering on. At this time, you can place a small piece of paper for observation. Generally speaking, the paper will be bent by heat after powering on for 2 to 3 minutes, but it will not turn yellow.
5. Inspection of mosquito repellent products: There should be no obvious color difference on the surface of the mosquito-repellent incense sheet, the film base should be intact, no defects, no mildew, and the smell and fragrance should be suitable when used, no irritation, no ash, no open flame. The liquid of the electric mosquito repellent liquid should be transparent and colorless or slightly yellow without precipitation, and the bottle cap should be tightly fitted and leak-free, and there should be no irritation and no open flame during use.
Third: Buying tips for electric mosquito coil
1. Since the electric mosquito repellent liquid/sheets are all consumables, you must know if the manufacturer has refills for sale when selecting, otherwise the heater must be replaced at the same time, which will undoubtedly bring more costs; whether it is convenient to purchase and the price Whether it’s cheap, etc. also need to be taken into consideration.
2. Electric mosquito coil products include incense and non- incense, which can be selected according to the physical condition.
3. When choosing electric mosquito repellent liquid for children, you may wish to choose special children's products. However, it should be noted that some of the so-called children's electric mosquito repellent liquids on the market are only in vain names. Therefore, you must pay attention to the type and composition of effective substances when selecting. For example, DEET is not included.
Fourth: High-quality brand of electric mosquito repellent liquid
There are many brands of electric mosquito liquid, such as Runben, Radar, Lamju, etc. here, I recommend a more cost-effective mosquito-repellent incense brand-Beast mosquito-repellent incense.
Arrow is a brand of Jiangsu Aogrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. It belongs to Aogrand Group, which has more than 20 years of professional scientific research and production experience. Its products are mainly concentrated in mosquito killing products, and it is a rising star in the daily chemical industry.
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Aogrand Group has sufficient production capacity and professional automated production technology, with an annual production capacity of 3 million, and different product specifications can meet the needs of different customers. Twenty years of professional daily chemical production, strong strength, can provide OEM/ODM services. With complete international qualification certificates, including CE, MSDS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., product quality is guaranteed.
Aogrand Group has a production base of 200,000 square meters, high-quality industrial equipment and sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of different customers. More importantly, Aogrand has the industry's top R&D technical personnel, completely independent research and development products, and established a unique product style and brand image. With the business philosophy of "Quality First, Credit First, Management First, and Sincere Service", all links from R&D, production to transportation are strictly checked.
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