Challenges facing China's Mosquito-repellent Incense Industry

11-Nov-2021 AOGRAND
Mosquitoes are the most important pests among all medical insects. They not only bite people and suck blood, but also affect people's sleep and rest. More importantly, they spread infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever and seriously endanger people's health. In the process of humans fighting mosquitoes, comprehensive prevention and control are the mainstay, and the use of mosquito coils in chemical prevention and control is an important means. The development of mosquito coils in China has gone through hundreds of years of history. However, the current development of the mosquito coil industry is also facing some challenges.

Challenges faced by mosquito coils
1. With the advancement of urbanization, the shift of agricultural population has brought unprecedented impact
With the continuous advancement of China’s urbanization process, a large number of rural population has been transferred to urban household registration. As farmers enter cities to work, in order to solve these low-income people can afford housing, during the twelve five-year plan of national development, the state It has also invested heavily in "anju housing, low-rent housing", and is advancing the construction of 15 million sets of housing each year. The living conditions of many ordinary people have been significantly improved. Not only air-conditioning is installed in the rooms, but also yarns are installed. Doors and screens greatly reduce the infestation of mosquitoes. It is conceivable that people's reliance on mosquito coils has gradually decreased.
2. The new generation of young people's changes in the consumption concept of mosquito coils
China has implemented the family planning policy since the 1980s, the population structure has undergone significant changes, and the aging of the population is accelerating. China has become the world's largest country with an aging population. As the younger generation set up businesses one after another, they have gradually taken over the sovereignty of household consumption. We have conducted a questionnaire survey on young people and found that they have unprecedented pursuit of environmental protection, health, and safety concepts. "In this column, most people replied that there are old people and children at home, so they basically don't use it. So it seems that a new generation and young consumer era gradually replaces traditional consumer concepts.
3. Continuous improvement of urban and rural health conditions has greatly reduced the demand for mosquito coils
With people’s requirements for living environment and sanitary conditions, China began to conduct national sanitary city evaluations in 1990. One of the evaluation criteria is that cities must meet the requirements for eliminating the "four hazards" (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and rats). Standards. Therefore, during the mosquito breeding period, sanitation personnel often spray insecticides on mosquito breeding grounds for killing activities. Because the implementation and promotion of this activity has greatly improved the urban and rural health conditions, and the breeding environment for mosquitoes is becoming less and less, so in recent years, especially in cities, many people generally feel that there are fewer mosquitoes, which has greatly reduced the number of mosquitoes. The demand for mosquito coils.
4. Traditional mosquito coils are impacted by emerging electronic mosquito-killing products
As people pay attention to environmental protection, health, and safety, people are gradually advocating clean, clean, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly methods of mosquito control. Traditional chemical methods of mosquito control are facing greater challenges. More and more consumers are focusing on new mosquito repellent products such as mosquito-repellent coils, mosquito-repellent coils, and electric mosquito swatters. This is a great competition and challenge for traditional mosquito-repellent coils.
The future development direction of mosquito coils in China
1. Develop towards safety, low toxicity, trace amount and high efficiencyAs people's awareness of health has increased, consumers have paid more and more attention to the safety of products in recent years, whether it is food, agricultural products or daily consumer goods. As far as the mosquito-repellent incense industry is concerned, it is imperative to take the road of energy saving, consumption reduction, health and environmental protection, and the country has successively issued a series of corresponding policies and regulations. The newly revised "Pesticide Management Regulations" also clearly added some encouraging clauses, such as encouraging the research and development of plant-derived pesticides, and encouraging the creation of new pesticides with high efficiency, low toxicity, safety and environmental protection.

2. Develop towards light weight, low consumption and low carbonWith the continuous strengthening of global ecological protection, the country has increased measures for tree planting and afforestation on the one hand, and on the other hand, has adopted measures to close mountains for reforestation and prohibit logging. This puts increasing pressure on the production of mosquito coils that rely on natural forests as resources for a long time. How to find alternative resources or reduce resource consumption has become a common concern in the industry. The use of bamboo charcoal powder and waste wood chips as alternative raw materials, and the introduction of paper mosquito coils and small coils in dosage forms are also new trends in the development of mosquito coils in China. In particular, paper mosquito coils can turn harm into profit and waste into treasure. Waste paper is fully used as the base material of mosquito coils and produced by the process of electric mosquito coils. Its characteristics are not easy to break, light weight, non-extinguishing, easy to ignite, and stable efficacy. Paper mosquito coils not only have obvious low-cost advantages, but also their practicality and low-carbon environmental protection advantages are further highlighted. They also represent the development of mosquito coils in China. A new trend. It is bound to become a new trend leading the development of China's mosquito coil industry.

3. Development towards natural and plant sourcesWith people’s pursuit of health, environmental protection, green, and natural concepts, many domestic experts and scholars attach great importance to the research and development of plant-derived insecticides. At present, they have successfully developed a series of natural and environmentally friendly mosquito repellent toilet water and electric mosquito coils. Such as plant-derived products to cater to consumers' demand for health concepts, this is also the only way for the future development of mosquito repellent and anti-mosquito products in China.
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