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We are a company from China, specializing in the production of mosquito coils, mosquito repellents, insecticides and other mosquito and insect repellent products of ARROW brand. The company has 20 years of experience in the production of mosquito coils and insecticidal aerosols. Because of excellent quality and very competitive prices, our mosquito coils and insecticidal products are sold well in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

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A professional manufacturer of insecticide and mosquito repellent products

We are committed to providing customers with the best quality and most competitive price mosquito repellent products. In addition to mosquito coils and insect repellents, we also have fly repellents, insecticidal aerosols, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, etc. In addition, our mosquito coils are available in two types: smokeless and micro-smoke mosquito coils. We have been constantly enriching the production capacity of the factory to meet the different needs of customers. In our company, you will be able to find products that suit you.

Mosquito coil
Smokeless mosquito coil & micro-smoke mosquito coil, containing high-quality carbon, not fragile, effective ingredient methotrexate> 0.05%, effective mosquito repellent, safe and non-toxic, with environmentally friendly formula.
Electric mosquito coil liquid/sheet
Containing promethrin> 1.5%, fresh smell and long use time, very suitable for use in homes, offices, hotels and other places, safe and effective.
Mosquito repellents
Using natural organic herbal formula, the product has a mosquito repellent effect and is also effective against mussels, flies, mice, etc., and can last for 14 hours.
There are a variety of scent choices such as lemon, jasmine, and odorless, and also provide fragrance customization. The product is made of high-grade permethrin, which effectively kills mosquitoes and insects.

Advantages of insecticide and mosquito repellent product manufacturer

We are a mosquito repellent incense manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. Because of the excellent quality of our products and the excellent service we provide, our company has won many overseas customers' recognition.

Provide sample
We can provide samples of any mosquito-repellent incense products that customers want to ensure the reliability of the transaction.
Factory price
We have our own mosquito-repellent incense and insecticide products factory, and the products are sold at the factory price to create more profits for our customers.
Large capacity
The annual production capacity of mosquito coils is 3 million boxes, and the annual production capacity of pesticides is 100 million bottles.
Pre-sales & After-sales
Provide 24-hour online service, and provide after-sales service at the same time, to ensure the smoothness of every transaction.

Mosquito Coils

Our company provides two mosquito coils, smokeless and micro-smoke mosquito coils under the ARROW brand. The products are of reliable quality and are well received by customers in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. For the wholesale price of mosquito coils, please consult online.

Repellents, Electric Mosquito Coil

Mosquito repellents, and electric mosquito coils are our company's main products. The factory has a large production capacity and sells them to customers at wholesale and factory prices. We are a manufacturer that can think about problems from the perspective of customers.

Insect Spray

Our factory can produce a variety of scented insecticides, and our insecticide products are safe and have little harm to the human body. Because of the large production capacity, our pesticide prices are also competitive, and many customers will wholesale our products.

Mosquito repellent incense and insect repellent product brand OEM

In addition to the production and sales of mosquito coils and insecticidal products under our own brand, we also provide OEM services for mosquito coils and insecticidal aerosols.

As a professional mosquito coil manufacturer and insecticidal spray manufacturer, our products are exported all over the world, and we have trade cooperation with customers in many countries in the world. At the same time, we have accepted the OEM production requirements of mosquito coils, insecticides and other products proposed by many companies. The price of our mosquito-repellent incense and insecticide product brand OEM service is also very competitive in China.

OEM service, product quality can also be guaranteed. In addition, if the customer does not have a complete product packaging design plan, we can also provide product packaging design services to ensure that the customer can be satisfied.

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Globally recruiting distributors for insecticide and mosquito repellent products

In order to help overseas customers to better expand the market and earn more profits, our company is now recruiting distributors overseas for mosquito coils, insecticides, mosquito repellents and other products. We hope to achieve a win-win situation between us and overseas customers in a fixed way of cooperating with distributors.

Whether you are an import and export company, an international trading company, or a local supermarket or chain store, we have had similar cooperation cases, so you can choose to cooperate with us with confidence. Not only that, our product quality, logistics and transportation, after-sales service, product prices, etc. are all competitive in the Chinese market. If you are interested in our mosquito-repellent incense products, or want to know more detailed information about the dealer recruitment policy, you can consult our customer online, and we will send you samples of mosquito coil or mosquito repellent products.

As a new star in China’s daily chemical industry, AoGrand Group is constantly expanding overseas markets while optimizing its own product production. Now, we have market service personnel in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and other regions. No matter which country you are in, our Services can be covered.

Rich experience in overseas trade, successful experience in many countries, and dedicated personnel to provide services.
The rich product line meets the broad market demand and helps customers grasp the market.
The products are highly profitable and of good quality, which are loved by old customers and are very suitable for local distribution.


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