How to become the exclusive distributor of the "ARROW" brand?

02-Nov-2021 AOGRAND
Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, product sales are no longer a simple, traditional sales model. The emergence of diversified new sales models will bring many opportunities to many companies and even merchants. Only by grasping these opportunities can we stand on the road to success. For example, distributors, a traditional and backbone channel force in the Chinese market, play a huge role in the market. Let's take a look together today!
Exclusive distributor
Distributor: As the name implies, it refers to a merchant who purchases goods from a company. They never buy goods for their own use, but resell them. They just pass through and sell them again, focusing on the spread, not the actual price. The business does not sell on credit to the distributors, but receives the money. This business refers to a merchant, which is a business unit. Therefore, "distributors" are generally companies, or commercial units that buy money from companies. As an important link in the sales channel chain from the enterprise to the terminal retailer, the distributor plays a huge role in the market.
Distributors are divided into general distributors and exclusive distributors. Exclusive distributors have the exclusive right to sell. There are two situations that are completely different from general distributors. They are the "right to buy out" or the actual owner of the goods processed by the entrusted processing plant. "In reality, he is often more powerful than the factory, and he is the real boss (some products are produced by one party, distribution is on the other side, and the other party is the exclusive distributor, and the production is only the processing side). There is a kind of factory designated exclusive distributors similar to general distributors, and distributors buy goods with money. Under this setting, the factory is also equivalent to authorizing its own sales rights to the exclusive distributors. Only the exclusive distributors can assume the nature of the factory. Wholesale sales of the goods (commonly known as underwriting sales). General distributors take the money to buy goods and have the rights to the goods, but they are either exclusive or general sales relationship (usually the general distributor is the factory or the next home of the exclusive distributor). Exclusive distributors have bought out the right to buy out the goods, while the general distributors do not have the right to buy out the goods. In reality, there are generally differences in scale.

The trend of economic globalization and global warming has also provided favorable conditions for the expansion of the distribution range of pests, and the pest control market will inevitably expand further. The sales of China's sanitary pesticides will continue to grow in the next 5 to 10 years. With the continuous development and growth of the pest control industry, the use of sanitary pesticides will become larger and larger. Becoming the exclusive distributor of sanitary insecticide products has become a good choice. Then which company and brand of sanitary insecticide products should be chosen as its exclusive agent? Here I would like to recommend ARROW brand products of Aogrand Group.
Aogrand Group is a production-oriented enterprise that is mainly engaged in the production and sales of household sanitary and insecticide series products. The products are mainly concentrated in the mosquito-killing category. Aogrand Group has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of mosquito coil, mosquito coil liquid, mosquito coil sheet etc. A series of mosquito repellent products. ARROW is a brand of Aogrand Group, and its products are very popular in many countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.
Aogrand Group has a production base of 200,000 square meters, with sufficient production capacity and professional automated production technology, high-quality industrial equipment and sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of different customers. More importantly, Aogrand has the industry's top R & D technical personnel, completely independent research and development of products, and established a unique product style and brand image. With the business philosophy of "Quality First, Reputation First, Management First, and Sincere Service", all links from research and development, production to transportation are strictly controlled, and product quality is guaranteed.
The Aogrand Group is a good choice for exclusive distributors, so how to become an exclusive distributor of the AROW brand of Aogrand Group? Become a preferential policy of exclusive distributors of Aogrand Group, let's take a look at it!
How to become an exclusive distributors of "arrow" brand?
1. Units with independent legal personnel, can provide a perfect business legal business license and other related documents. If you are a personal distributors, you need to provide personal identity information.
2. Have certain financial strength, with certain distribution capabilities (vehicles, personnel), fixed-place, have good business reputation and social relationships.
3. There must be a certain customer resource that maintains a good relationship. The distributors currently operating fast consumer goods are preferred.
4. Accounting the company's brand management and business model, there is a strong willingness to actively promote product marketing.
Preferential Policies of the Exclusive Distributors of the "Arrow" brand
1. Brand support: Free use of our company's trademarks.
2. Data Support: Get a free product advertisement image, flyer, business card, and other industry information.
3. Promotion support: During the promotion, you can get a free gift according to the proportion of the order amount and the company's promotional agreement.
4. Price support: If the price of raw materials rises, we will give distributors' prices or keep the original price.
More information about Arrow products, you can pay attention to our official website. If you are interested in arrow products and intentionally cooperate with us, please contact us, we offer a 24-hour online service.



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