Pyrethroid insecticides, we will still be inseparable from it for a long time in the future

04-Nov-2021 AOGRAND
Pyrethroid insecticides are highly efficient, low-toxic, low-residue, and easily degradable insecticides, which are widely used in the prevention and control of agricultural pests and sanitary pests. In recent years, the global sales of pyrethroid insecticides ranked second and third among the three major types of insecticides, and they are an important category in the insecticide market. Like nicotine and organophosphorus insecticides, they belong to the current three giants in the use of insecticides in the world.
The development process of pyrethroid insecticides
The pyrethroid compounds were originally discovered by the National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC) of the United Kingdom to study the natural insecticidal properties of chrysanthemum extracts. The research team first synthesized a pyrethroid compound that is stable to light, but the previous chrysanthemum extract was unstable and lost its insecticidal activity when exposed to light.

Permethrin is the first pyrethroid insecticide developed, followed by cypermethrin. They are all registered products by NRDC and are sold by many companies in various regions of the world. The first product to be industrialized research was Sumitomo Chemical's fenvalerate. These early synthesized pyrethroid compounds are racemic mixtures composed of many isomers, and not all of them have insecticidal activity.
The 1980s was an important historical period for the research and development of pyrethroid insecticides, and many analogues entered the market. But as the market develops, these products are usually replaced soon. Around 2000, multinational companies represented by Sumitomo Corporation of Japan successively developed several patented varieties of pyrethroids with independent intellectual property rights, which set off a new upsurge in the pyrethroid market, especially the sanitary pyrethroid market.
The synthesis of pyrethroid insecticides is not complicated, especially the final stage of the pyrethroid production process is a relatively simple process, which is the reaction of acid and ethanol. These intermediates are very easy to obtain in the world market, and The barriers to entry into the field of non-patented products are relatively low.
The development of pyrethroids in China began in 1973, and has always been the main imitation of pyrethroid varieties with expired patents. Another major producer of pyrethroids is India. So far, India is still the world's largest producer of cypermethrin and deltamethrin.
The development prospects of pyrethroid insecticides
For a long period of time in the future, pyrethroid insecticides will remain one of the pillars in the field of insecticides due to their high activity and relative safety to the environment. Especially in the current ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides, it also provides opportunities for pyrethroid insecticides.
The development of pyrethroids to this day has experienced a series of processes from light instability to light stability, from cyclopropane structure to non-cyclic structure, and is now used as a highly effective biomimetic insecticide and has been listed as a highly toxic insecticide by the country. Pyrethroids, the main variety of pesticide replacement, have become a mainstream insecticide, and its development prospects are beyond doubt.
Although the current epidemic has severely affected the supply of deltamethrin and cypermethrin in India, there are abundant alternative products in the country, such as lambda-cyhalothrin. The use of pyrethroid insecticides will continue to develop steadily in the future . Especially for its convenient use in sanitary pest control, it will be the second largest insecticide species for a long time.
AORROW insecticide
One aspect where pyrethroids are widely used is mosquito coils or sprays, the main purpose of which is to kill mosquitoes. Pyrethroids are the main active ingredients of mosquito coils and electric mosquito coils used indoors. The principle of action is to heat the active ingredients into the air in a gaseous form and maintain a certain concentration of the drug in the action space to repel mosquitoes. .
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