Distributing Chinese brand mosquito coil products in Ghana, profitable

18-Sep-2021 AOGRAND
China has a wide variety of mosquito coils and its output ranks first in the world. At present, my country's mosquito coil products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Asia, South America and Africa. Mosquito coil products account for 20% of the more than 50 formulations of sanitary insecticide products, and the output value accounts for 30.2% of the total sanitary insecticide products.
The market for mosquito coils varies greatly from country to country. The United States has basically seldom used mosquito coils. Therefore, American daily chemical products companies mainly produce spray-type or other mosquito-killing products. The difference here is that the mosquito coil market in Africa is relatively broad. According to customs data, Ghana's import of mosquito coils accounts for about 15% of the mosquito coil importing countries, making it the largest importer of mosquito coils in 2020.
Ghana is a country in western Africa. It is located in western Africa, on the north shore of the Gulf of Guinea, bordering Côte d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It has a land area of 239,500 square kilometers and a population of 27.5 million. Among the West African countries, Ghana's economy is relatively developed. In the past 10 years, Ghana's economy has maintained a sound momentum and strong economic growth. It is one of the countries with better economic development in Africa, especially West Africa.

Ghana has an advantageous geographical location and is an important goods trade distribution center in West Africa. With its unique location advantages, convenient transportation conditions and supporting storage facilities, Ghana’s economy has a relatively high degree of openness and trade activities are more active. It is known as a commodity distribution center and a distribution center. With considerable market capacity and market capacity, it can radiate the West African Economic Community with a large market of more than 300 million people.
Ghana is known as the "Gold Coast" in the history of Ghana, rich in natural resources, gold, cocoa, and oil are its three major export products for foreign exchange earning. Ghana was a British colony for a long time. Its laws are based on British common law and customary law, and the legal system is relatively sound. The political situation in Ghana is stable, public security is good, and the market is relatively open. In recent years, Ghana’s economy has grown rapidly. According to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Ghana will continue to be one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa in 2021.
Ghana has a tropical rainforest climate. The air is relatively humid, and the average daily temperature is maintained at about 30 degrees. Due to the humid air and poor sanitary conditions, this leads to the breeding of a large number of mosquitoes. Many diseases are also spread through mosquitoes, for example, malaria is common in Africa. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people of Ghana, people are paying more and more attention to personal hygiene and mosquito protection. Therefore, various anti-insect and anti-mosquito products are also very popular in the Ghanaian market. Therefore, the distribution of Chinese brand mosquito coil products in Ghana has broad market prospects.
What brand of mosquito coil products are available for the distribution of Chinese mosquito coils in Ghana? The editor briefly introduces you:
Radar: A brand owned by SC Johnson, a large-scale pesticide company in the United States, with a history of more than 50 years in the production of professional insecticide products. Radar is the pioneer of China's electric mosquito coils. Since its listing, it has continued to rank first in the category, far ahead of its competitors. Under the continuous promotion of radar, 7 million new users enter the mosquito repellent liquid market every year, selling an average of 73 bottles per minute throughout the year, and selling 180 bottles per minute during the peak season from April to August.
Lanju: a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province, founded in 1982, is one of the largest domestic professional manufacturers of household hygiene and insecticide products. It has become an outstanding enterprise in the domestic household hygiene and insecticide industry and has almost participated in domestic household insecticide. All countries and industry standards in the industry are formulated (revised), and the products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
Chaowei: Founded in 2002, a professional brand of household sanitary insecticide products, it is highly sought after for the production of plant-safe insect repellent products. The 2004 Chaowei product line covers three mosquito coils, aerosols, and electric mosquito coils. In the large category, Chaowei uses the wormwood plant fragrance-based mosquito repellent products developed by ancient Chinese insect repellent herbs to solve consumers' pain points of traditional mosquito repellent incense with "unpleasant smell and choking nose".
Heimaoshen: Founded in 2009, it mainly produces "Heimaoshen" brand mosquito coils, aerosols, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, and other mosquito-killing products. The sales network covers major provinces and cities across the country and is exported to Southeast Asia , Middle East, Africa and other regions, is one of the largest production bases of mosquito coils in my country.
These brands are all well-known brands in the mosquito coil industry. However, due to the high brand value, the corresponding product prices are also high. For distributors, they need to bear higher costs and the final profit obtained will also be reduced. Here, I recommend a more cost-effective mosquito-repellent incense brand-Beast mosquito-repellent incense.
Arrow is a brand of Jiangsu Aogrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. It belongs to Aogrand Group, which has more than 20 years of professional scientific research and production experience. Its products are mainly concentrated in mosquito killing products, and it is a rising star in the daily chemical industry.
Aogrand Group has long been committed to the research and development, production and sales of Mosquito coil, liquid mosquito coil, mosquito coil sheet and other mosquito repellent products, and has been engaged in export trade for many years. Mosquito repellent products are very popular in many countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
Aogrand Group has sufficient production capacity and professional automated production technology, with an annual production capacity of 3 million, and different product specifications can meet the needs of different customers. Twenty years of professional daily chemical production, strong strength, can provide OEM/ODM services. With complete international qualification certificates, including CE, MSDS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., product quality is guaranteed.
Aogrand Group has a production base of 200,000 square meters, high-quality industrial equipment and sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of different customers. More importantly, Aogrand has the industry's top R&D technical personnel, completely independent research and development products, and established a unique product style and brand image. With the business philosophy of "Quality First, Credit First, Management First, and Sincere Service", all links from R&D, production to transportation are strictly checked. If you want to become a Ghanaian mosquito coil distributor, beast mosquito coil is your good choice!
If you have any questions or suggestions, or you are interested in ARROW mosquito coil products and are interested in importing with us, please contact us, we provide 24-hour online service.



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