Why did the mosquitoes disappear when the light was turned on?

26-Aug-2021 AOGRAND
There are more mosquitoes in summer, and they are often bitten by mosquitoes. They are full of hands and legs. Mosquitoes especially like to come out after turning off the lights at night. Everyone should have had such an experience. When sleeping at night, mosquitoes are always buzzing in the ears. When you slap them, the mosquitoes are gone, but it didn't take long for you to hear the annoying sound again. Worst of all, when the light is turned on, no mosquitoes can be found! Why do mosquitoes disappear when the light is turned on, but there are buzzing noises when the light is turned off?

The cause of the mosquito's "buzzing" sound
In the insect kingdom, many insects are pronounced by the constant vibration of their wings. When a mosquito is flying, its wings can vibrate about 594 times per second, so we hear the sound of "buzzing". The frequency of the mosquito’s "buzzing" sound is determined by the speed of the wings. Generally, the wings of a mosquito can flap 500 times per second. This flapping produces the unique "buzzing" sound of mosquitoes. Its harmonic frequency is just close to 1000 Hz, which is also a frequency that humans are more sensitive to, so it is the most annoying.
Why did the mosquitoes disappear when the light was turned on?
Mosquitoes disappear when the light is turned on. This phenomenon is related to the way mosquitoes feed. Because when mosquitoes want to feed and suck blood, they track and locate the heat emitted by the human body or other mammals. When the light is off, the biggest heat source in the house comes from the human body, and the mosquitoes can bite people's body accurately and even buzz in the ears. But when the light is turned on to search for mosquitoes, the heat from the light will affect and interfere with the mosquito’s foraging and positioning, so that the mosquitoes will hide, so we turn on the light and the mosquitoes disappear.

Hazards of being bitten by mosquitoes
Some people say that being bitten by a mosquito is at most a bag, and there is no need to be nervous. In fact, it will not only cause redness, swelling and itching on the surface of the human skin, but also one of the transmission vectors of many infectious diseases. Most people just feel itchy after being bitten by a mosquito, and the mosquito bag will disappear quickly, but some people are allergic or sensitive to the venom in the mosquito, causing skin itching or blisters, etc. It may spread infectious diseases such as malaria and Japanese encephalitis.

The World Health Organization also pointed out that mosquitoes are the number one killer of humans. After mosquito bites, there are four main diseases: the first is malaria, which has been listed by the WHO as one of the three most dangerous diseases like AIDS and tuberculosis. The main symptoms of malaria include chills, fever, sweating, body aches, etc., sometimes accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and coughing. Severely ill patients may also experience coma and shock, as well as liver and kidney failure. If they are not treated in time, they may be life-threatening due to delayed illness. Every year hundreds of thousands to millions of people die of malaria worldwide, which is mainly transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes. In our country, it is mainly transmitted by Chinese mosquitoes. The second is dengue fever, with a fatality rate of 15% to 50%. Mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in my country, it is transmitted by Aedes albopictus, also known as flower mosquitoes, and occurs frequently from June to November. Although it is rare in the north, as long as there is a mosquito bite, there is a possibility of dengue fever. The third type is Japanese encephalitis. Children are the main victims. It usually occurs in summer and autumn, and it is mainly transmitted by Culex tritaeniorhynchus. The last type is chikungunya, which is a foreign disease. The initial symptoms are similar to dengue fever, but apart from the high fever and rash, there is also a significant feature of joint pain, which can cause great damage to the joints. The joints can lose function in a few hours, which is also transmitted by Aedes albopictus.

How to effectively repel mosquitoes?
The threat of mosquitoes is great, so you should be prepared for protection. According to experts, the best and most thorough method to prevent mosquitoes is environmental management to remove mosquito breeding grounds, followed by safer physical methods such as mosquito nets, mosquito swatters, and mosquito traps; finally consider choosing mosquito coils, aerosols, and repellents. Chemical methods such as agents.

1. Clean up the environment of mosquito breeding grounds
First, let's understand the breeding situation of mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in damp places or in water. The eggs will grow into larvae in the water, and the mosquitoes that grow into adults can leave the water. This is why there are sometimes inexplicable mosquitoes in the house. Based on the growth habits of mosquitoes, we can eliminate the breeding environment of eggs and larvae by cleaning the dead corners of the home.
(1) Indoor aquatic ornamental plants change the water at least once a week, or change to sand culture.
(2) Frequently check the pots and pots, floor drains, sewers, flower pots, etc. where there are water accumulations, cover with lids, and change the water frequently if you need to change the water.
(3) Prevent water accumulation in floor drains, sewers, etc., and spray insecticides frequently to prevent mosquitoes from living in the environment.
(4) Be careful to close screen windows and screen doors, and do not open the door to allow mosquitoes to drive in.
(5) Sanitary dead corners should be cleared indoors. Don't throw away cans, mineral water bottles, egg shells and other trash that is easy to accumulate water to reduce mosquito breeding grounds.
(6) If you are on a business trip or do not live for a long time, cover the toilet lid and drain the water in the sink and sink to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

2. Physical mosquito repellent
(1) For children, the safest anti-mosquito tool is barrier type, especially for small babies. the best
The use of zipper mosquito nets has good sealing performance, reduces the chance of mosquitoes coming in, and prevents babies from falling out of the bed. In addition, carefully check whether there are mosquitoes in the mosquito net before putting down the mosquito net!
(2) Take a bath often and use less perfume. Take a bath regularly, keep your skin fresh, and wipe off the sweat in time when you sweat.
Reduce the attraction of sweat odor to mosquitoes. Use less soap and perfume. Mosquitoes like to eat nectar. Therefore, after using perfume, cosmetics, facial cream and other floral-scented items, the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes will increase.
(3) Mosquitoes are more afraid of special smells, and some natural plants have a repellent effect on mosquitoes. Like night
Incense and wormwood, the most obvious of which is pyrethrum, has a strong repellent or even killer effect on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also don't like the smell of lemongrass oil, citronella and geraniol.
(4) Wear light-colored clothes for outdoor sports, and try to wear light-colored long-sleeved clothes when you are active in places with lots of mosquitoes
At the same time, you must wear socks. This will not only reduce the exposure of humans to mosquitoes, but the mosquitoes will feel that the humidity of the human skin is reduced, the volatiles on the skin are reduced, and it will also reduce bites.
(5) In view of the mosquito's tendency to light, like high temperature, dark and humid environment, and the habit of going out at night, indoor lights can be turned off in the evening,
Open the doors and windows, wait for the mosquitoes to fly outside, and then close the screen doors tightly to prevent mosquitoes from flying in.

3. Chemical mosquito repellent
(1) Fengyou essence and cooling oil
Prepare more wind oil and cooling oil at home, open the lid and put it in the room (place it out of the reach of children to avoid eating by mistake). If the amount of Fengyoujing and cooling oil is not enough, you can also sprinkle and apply Fengyoujing and cooling oil on toilet paper. Or put wind oil and cooling oil on the air outlet of the fan.
(2) Mosquito coils and mosquito killers
It is better to use mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, mosquito repellents, etc. to repel mosquitoes. When using insecticidal aerosols, try not to spray them directly on clothing, sheets, furniture, and skin, and store them before spraying. For food and tableware, it is best to close the doors and windows for half an hour to 1 hour after spraying, and then open the windows for ventilation. Excessive spraying of insecticidal aerosol will be toxic to the human body, so you must pay attention to safety when using insecticidal aerosol at home, do not let infants and young children touch it, if you accidentally spray the liquid on the skin, wash it in time
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