Frequent bites by mosquitoes, maybe related to the food you eat

16-Nov-2021 AOGRAND
In addition to sun protection in summer, the more important point is to prevent mosquito bites, and sometimes the mosquito prevention measures that are well prepared for the whole body can still be bitten. This may have a lot to do with the food you eat. An article published by the US Daily Food Network mentioned that diet is also a factor in attracting mosquitoes. Some salty and sweet foods attract mosquitoes, while onions and garlic keep mosquitoes away.

Wrong diet can attract mosquitoes
Beer: A glass of cold beer is inevitable after barbecue. It is cool and delicious, and it also adds to the atmosphere of a gathering of friends. In fact, this is also a goal of recruiting mosquitoes. Studies have found that people who drink beer are more attractive to mosquitoes than people who do not drink beer. This is because people who drink beer are more attracted to mosquitoes due to the increased ethanol content in sweat and increased skin temperature.
Bananas and other potassium-rich foods: People are paying great attention to health preservation, and they pay more attention to some fruits in food selection. This is a very beneficial way of health preservation, but some fruit foods will also attract mosquitoes. For example, eating some foods that increase the secretion of lactic acid in the skin: bananas, spinach, plums, raisins and other potassium-rich fruits will increase the lactic acid secretion that mosquitoes like after eating.
Dessert dairy products: No matter how people want to lose weight, seeing tempting ice cream in the hot summer will make people appetite. And some people often eat milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. Produces a large amount of lactic acid, which makes the smell of sweat become strong, which is very attractive to mosquitoes.
Salty snacks: Snacks are the favorite of many ladies and friends, but eating a high-sodium diet will also increase the secretion of lactic acid, which means that it will attract more mosquito bites. Eating savoury snacks, such as crispy potato chips, hot French fries, roasted peanuts, and bacon burgers, will become the target of mosquitoes.
High-cholesterol foods: Everyone knows that high cholesterol is harmful to health. Few people know that high cholesterol in the blood can also attract mosquitoes. Eating more red meat foods such as cattle and sheep will make your body sour and increase the amount of lactic acid in your sweat, making it easy for mosquitoes to target. Therefore, in terms of eating, it is best to choose lean meats, white meats and other foods that can help lower cholesterol levels.
In fact, these things we usually eat can also effectively repel mosquitoes and keep mosquitoes away from ourselves. Let’s take a look at what foods are there~
1. Garlic
Studies have shown that mosquitoes don’t like the smell of garlic. Because garlic is more pungent and has a strong smell, if you usually eat more garlic, the mosquitoes will naturally stay away from you. Cut the garlic into thin slices and place it before going to bed. Around yourself, you can also prevent mosquito bites at night. And even if you are bitten, apply sliced ​​garlic to the bitten area, which can have a natural anti-itching effect, which is especially suitable for babies.
2. Green leafy vegetables
Studies have found that mosquitoes prefer to bite people who usually eat big fish and meat, rather than people who eat green leafy vegetables for a long time, especially people who like to eat spinach, lettuce, green vegetables, etc., because these green vegetables are generally alkaline foods. If you eat for a long time, the body's physique and blood will also tend to be alkaline. Compared with alkaline, mosquitoes prefer to bite people with acidic physique. Especially if you eat too much meat at night, it will greatly increase the amount of mosquitoes during sleep. The bite situation.
3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes can be said to be one of the foods we usually eat. Whether it is eaten raw as a fruit, fried as a vegetable or stewed in a soup, it is very delicious, and tomatoes are precisely one of the foods that mosquitoes don't like. The reason is that tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin B content, and this kind of taste is not liked by mosquitoes, so you can often eat tomatoes to prevent mosquito bites.
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