Is the smoke produced by mosquito coils harmful to humans?

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As summer approaches, the weather gets hotter and hotter, and mosquitoes follow. Mosquito coils are undoubtedly a powerful tool for repelling mosquitoes. Whether it is a traditional disc mosquito coil or a safe and efficient electric mosquito coil, a variety of mosquito coils are the first choice for people to repel mosquitoes. However, there are many claims on the Internet that mosquito coils are harmful. For example, it causes asthma. The particles released by a plate of mosquito coils are equal to six packs of cigarettes, which are very harmful to the human body. Is it really that scary?

1. Mosquito repellent principle of mosquito coil
The most effective ingredient in mosquito killer products is pyrethroid. Pyrethrin is the main ingredient of mosquito killer products. It is a pesticide that can effectively kill mosquitoes and flies. There are natural pyrethroids and chemically synthesized pyrethroids. The main component of natural pyrethroids is pyrethrin; chemically synthesized pyrethrins are called pyrethroids, and there are many types, including permethrin, tetramethrin, cypermethrin, deltamethrin, dextro-trans allethrin, etc.
Pan-type mosquito coils mainly produce d-allethrin and other substances during the combustion process, which enter the mosquito's respiratory system in an aerosol state and cause the mosquitoes to die, achieving the effect of eliminating mosquitoes. Electric mosquito coils are mainly used to inhale insecticides into paper or solution, and use hot air to evaporate the insecticides, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating mosquitoes. Generally, the efficacy can be maintained for six to eight hours.

From the above, the mosquito-killing principles of ordinary mosquito coils and electric mosquito coils are basically the same. They both produce poisoning effects on the nervous system of the insects. First, they induce excitement of the insects, and then block the nerve conduction. The insects then convulse, paralyze, and die. . The signs of poisoning are divided into two stages, namely the excitement period and the inhibition period. Therefore, two indicators of knockdown rate and lethality rate are commonly used to indicate the characteristics of each species. This can also explain our daily phenomenon. After using the mosquito coil, we first found that the mosquito was lying motionless on the wall. It was because he was drenched with alcohol and his nervous system was excited. As the poisoning time passed, most of the mosquitoes were convulsed and convulsed, and most of them were killed by the poison. Therefore, the active ingredients of disc, liquid, and electric mosquito coils are all chemical agents with insecticidal ingredients, and the difference lies in the different carriers. Therefore, it is unscientific to say that "smokeless mosquito coils are less harmful than smoked mosquito coils, and electric mosquito coils are less harmful than disc mosquito coils".

2. Mosquito coils are more harmful than cigarettes?
As early as 2004, mosquito coils were included in the scope of pesticide management. The toxicity of pesticides in my country is divided into five levels: highly toxic, highly toxic, moderately toxic, low-toxic and slightly toxic. The state stipulates that the toxicity level of mosquito coils is low or slightly toxic. In 2013, the Environmental Monitoring Center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region compared the PM2.5 concentration of a circle of mosquito coils and a pack of cigarettes indoors, and found that lighting a circle of mosquito coils and a pack of cigarettes in a 16-square-meter airtight room produced results The PM2.5 concentrations are 626 micrograms/cubic meter and 343 micrograms/cubic meter respectively. The concentration of mosquito coils is twice that of cigarettes!

However, there is no scientific basis for linking the hazards of mosquito coils and cigarettes, because the "connotations" of the two are very different. Although the concentration of PM2.5 is higher than that of cigarettes, what is really harmful is the harmful substances attached to PM2.5 particles. The deadly nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes also produce thousands of harmful gases. The main components of mosquito coils are a small amount of insecticidal pesticides, including organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids. Among them, organophosphates are the most toxic, and pyrethroids are the least toxic.

The active ingredients of most mosquito coils are pyrethroid insecticides. More than 90% of the mosquito coils on the market contain pyrethroid insecticides. It is a low-toxic and highly effective insecticide allowed by the state. It is used in mosquito coils proportion. Traditional mosquito coil smoke contains fine particles, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyl compounds and benzene. Although it may be a threat to the human body, it is basically harmless for ordinary people to use it reasonably because of the small content.

However, it should be noted that the smoke of mosquito coils may cause allergic reactions and induce asthma attacks. Those with such diseases should use it with caution. At the same time, long-term use of mosquito coils by infants, young children, pregnant women, and the elderly will have certain harm and impact on the body, so these people should use mosquito coils with caution.

3. How to choose mosquito coils correctly?
(1) It is necessary to read the instructions clearly and see whether the approval number of the National Agricultural Commission and the accurate drug composition and content are indicated on the package. These are the two most important signs of qualified products; we must be able to identify qualified sanitary pesticide products. Qualified products must have "three certificates" number, that is, pesticide registration certificate number or temporary registration certificate number, production license number or approval document number, and product standard number. In addition, the labels of qualified products are marked with information such as the Chinese name, content, method of use, production date and precautions of the active ingredients. Consumers must go to regular stores and supermarkets to purchase products with "three certificates", complete information and within the warranty period.

(2) Pay attention to choosing non-irritating products with the words "low toxicity" and "micro-toxicity", as well as some more reliable qualified large brands; sanitary pesticides also belong to the scope of pesticide management, and the "Pesticide Management Regulations" strictly stipulate In addition to the registration system of sanitary pesticides, highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides are not allowed to be used to prevent and control sanitary pests, so the effective ingredients of regular products are low-toxic to humans and animals.

(3) Look at the appearance. Take the dish-type mosquito coil as an example. The rough surface indicates poor quality. From the appearance point of view, qualified mosquito coils have fine processing, uniform color and strong resistance to bending, and the ignition time is about 7 to 8 hours; inferior mosquito coils have rough surface, loose internal quality, and are easy to break and extinguish. Qualified mosquito coils have only yellow flames and bluish white smoke when ignited, while toxic mosquito coils have green flames and emit black smoke. After the qualified mosquito coil is ignited, the smoke fades, the smell is not strong, and there is a natural fragrance; the toxic mosquito coil will have a pungent and dizzy sensation during the opening and lighting process, and will cause palpitations and chest tightness after a long time. And other adverse reactions. Qualified mosquito coil ash should be white or gray, while toxic mosquito coil ash is black.

(4) There should be no obvious color difference on the surface of the electric mosquito-repellent incense sheet, the film base should be intact, no defect, no mildew phenomenon, proper smell and fragrance when used, no irritation, no ash, no open flame. The liquid medicine of the liquid mosquito coil should be transparent and colorless or slightly yellow without precipitation, the bottle cap should be tightly fitted and there should be no leakage, and there should be no irritation and no open flame during use.

4. How to use mosquito coils correctly?
(1) Guarantee effective space
Mosquito coils have a certain amount of effective mosquito repellent space and effective use time. When the space is too large or the use time is insufficient, a good repellent effect will not be received. The mosquito coils should be placed on the windward side to facilitate the spread of the drugs volatilized by the mosquito coils indoors. Maintain the required concentration to achieve a better effect of repelling mosquitoes.

(2) Operation method
First use your fingers to gently push the two ends of the mosquito coil center to separate the mosquito coil, and then ignite the mosquito coil and place it on the holder. If the mosquito coil is broken, it can be used in the incense holder slot.

(3) Use time in summer nights, the best time to use mosquito coils is not when sleeping, but in the evening, because mosquitoes are most active at this time and it is easiest to drive mosquitoes out of the outdoors. After killing the mosquitoes, when entering the room, you must first open the doors and windows for ventilation. Regardless of whether it is a coiled mosquito coil or an electric mosquito coil, try not to use it while sleeping, let alone use mosquito coils throughout the night

(4) Reasonable placement the location of mosquito coils should be far away from flammable materials, such as cartons, wooden furniture, clothing, etc., to prevent fires. At the same time, do not place it in a dark corner or under curtains. This will not only reduce the insecticidal effect, but also easily cause fire.

Therefore, choosing mosquito coil products produced by regular manufacturers and using mosquito coils correctly can protect people's health to the greatest extent. Regarding mosquito coils, Jinling mosquito coils are a good choice. Jinling is a brand under Jiangsu AoGrand Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd. In Aogrand Group, which has more than 20 years of professional scientific research and production experience, its products are mainly concentrated in mosquito killing products. Covers mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, insecticide sprays, etc. The products are sold at home and abroad and are the first choice for mosquito repellent! Jinling mosquito repellent products are smokeless, tasteless, safe and reliable, allowing you to bid farewell to the bitterness of mosquitoes. For more information about mosquito coils, you can follow our official website.


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