Is type O blood easier to attract mosquitoes?

27-Sep-2021 AOGRAND
In the midsummer season, apart from the extreme heat, the most unbearable thing is probably being bitten by mosquitoes, but what makes people puzzled is that some people specially recruit mosquitoes. In summer, a few people sit together and mosquitoes will bite them if they don't bite others. So why do mosquitoes pick people? Many people think that this is related to blood type and think that "type O blood is sweeter and attracts mosquitoes." Is this a rumor or a science?

In fact, mosquitoes are recruited not because of blood type, but because of the smell of people. If the smell of chemicals such as carbon dioxide, acetone, and lactic acid released by the body is stronger, it will be more able to attract the attention of mosquitoes. Especially carbon dioxide, this smell attracts mosquitoes the most. So who the mosquito bites is mainly based on the body's ability to send signals to the mosquito. A strong signal is transmitted through the air, which can guide it to find food easily.
What kind of people attract mosquitoes?
1. People with well-developed sweat glands and high body temperature. People who like to sweat, the acidity in the blood increases, and the sweat expelled The liquid makes the body surface lactic acid higher, which is attractive to mosquitoes. In addition, there is a heated body in the tentacles of mosquitoes. It is very sensitive to temperature. As long as there is a slight temperature difference, it can be immediately noticed. The body of a sweating person dissipates heat quickly, which will also be attractive to mosquitoes.
2. People who are tired or breathing faster. People breathe faster after engaging in sports or physical labor. Some people have larger lung capacity or faster breathing rhythm. In this way, the exhaled carbon dioxide is relatively large, and the carbon dioxide will form a stream of air about 1 meter above the head. Mosquitoes are more sensitive to this and will smell it. This means that your body is overwhelmed, and you should go home and rest immediately. Don't overdraw your physical strength anymore, so as not to cause more problems.
3. People who like to wear dark clothes. The reason why mosquitoes come out at night is mainly because of their darkening habit. If you wear dark clothes, a cloud of shadows will appear at night, and mosquitoes will chase away to darker places. Clothes color such as black is the first choice for mosquitoes to attack, followed by blue, red, and green. Mosquitoes do not bite white. In the same way, mosquitoes love to bite people with darker skin or red skin.
4. People with fast metabolism.
Therefore, children are susceptible to mosquito bites, while the elderly are the opposite.
5. People who have put on makeup.
In order to verify the attractiveness of odors to mosquitoes, American scientists used olfactory instruments to test and analyze more than 3,900 substances. It turns out that many types of cosmetics, such as hair spray, hand cream, facial cleanser, etc., are very attractive to mosquitoes. Most cosmetics contain stearic acid (a kind of fatty acid), so people with makeup are more "favored" by mosquitoes than those without makeup. Of course, there are some smells that mosquitoes hate. The smells of bay leaf, lemongrass oil, citronella, garlic and geraniol will make mosquitoes retreat.
6. Pregnant women.
Pregnant women are particularly prone to attract mosquitoes. A medical study in the United States showed that pregnant women especially recruit mosquitoes, and their chance of being bitten by mosquitoes is twice as high as that of other women.
7. People who drink alcohol
People also become susceptible to mosquito bites after drinking alcohol, eating beef and mutton, or taking antihypertensive drugs.
How to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes?
1. Take a bath regularly to keep your skin fresh
Wipe off sweat in time when sweating, which can reduce the attraction of sweat odor to mosquitoes. Use soap and perfume sparingly. Mosquitoes like to eat nectar. Therefore, after using perfume, cosmetics, creams, and floral-scented items, the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes will increase. However, not all scents will attract mosquitoes. For example, the fragrance of sandalwood in cologne commonly used by men can repel mosquitoes.
2. Smell that mosquitoes don't like
Mosquitoes are more afraid of special smells, and some natural plants have a repellent effect on mosquitoes. For example, nightflower, wormwood, the most obvious of which is pyrethrum, which has a strong repellent or even killer effect on mosquitoes. Lemongrass oil, citronella and geraniol, smell mosquitoes also don't like it.
3. Wear light-colored clothes for outdoor sports
When you are active in places with a lot of mosquitoes, try to wear light-colored long-sleeved clothes and wear socks. This will not only reduce human mosquito contact, but mosquitoes will feel that the humidity of human skin is reduced, and the volatile matter on the skin is reduced, which will also reduce Bites.
4. Use mosquito repellent products correctly
It is better to use mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, mosquito repellents, etc. to repel mosquitoes. When using insecticidal aerosols, try not to spray them directly on clothing, sheets, furniture, and skin, and store them before spraying. For food and tableware, it is best to close the doors and windows for half an hour to 1 hour after spraying, and then open the windows for ventilation. Excessive spraying of insecticidal aerosol will be toxic to the human body, so you must pay attention to safety when using insecticidal aerosol at home, do not let infants and young children touch it, if you accidentally spray the liquid on the skin, wash it in time .
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