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07-Dec-2021 AOGRAND
As the exchanges between countries become closer and closer, traveling abroad has become the choice of more and more people. However, when traveling abroad, especially when traveling abroad, we must strengthen the awareness of disease prevention and beware of infection when going out, especially to prevent malaria. . As a preventable and curable infectious disease, we have heard of "malaria" through various channels, but how much do you know about "malaria" in daily life? Today, the editor of this article will take you to find out!

Malaria is often called "cold and heat disease", which is a life-threatening disease caused by a parasite (Plasmodium). A mosquito bites a patient suffering from malaria and a person with malaria and then bites a healthy person again to transmit malaria. Malaria is mainly transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes.
The incubation period of malaria is generally 2-4 weeks. The early manifestations are fatigue, fatigue, headache, sore limbs, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort or diarrhea, irregular low-grade fever, etc., similar to a cold, and easy to misdiagnose. A typical malaria attack is manifested in three stages of periodic chills, high fever, and sweating to reduce fever.
Among them, falciparum malaria is more dangerous. Symptoms such as severe anemia, acute renal failure, or coma can occur, which can cause great harm to the human body. If it is not diagnosed and treated in time, it can even be life-threatening. This type of malaria is characterized by a ferocious, dangerous condition and a high mortality rate. Infants and young children with malaria fever are often irregular, and there may be no chills before fever. Convulsions are often prone to occur during high fever. If not treated in time, the condition can quickly deteriorate or even die.
How to prevent malaria?
According to the World Health Organization's 2020 Malaria Report, there are still 87 countries where malaria is endemic. There are an estimated 230 million malaria cases worldwide and 410,000 deaths due to malaria. Among them, Africa accounts for about 94%, which is the main endemic area of malaria; followed by countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Korea, Nepal, and Bhutan in Southeast Asia, accounting for about 3% of cases; Sudan in the Eastern Mediterranean Region , Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and other countries accounted for more than 2% of cases; Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and other countries and regions in the Western Pacific region have nearly 1% of cases ; There are also malaria epidemics in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Guyana, Nicaragua, Haiti, Bolivia and other countries in the Americas. People in non-endemic areas are highly susceptible to malaria, Therefore, those who go to these malaria endemic areas must take preventive and protective measures.

1. Travelers who travel to malaria-endemic areas can take medication preventive measures.
If you go to a single vivax malaria endemic area, you can take orally chloroquine phosphate (300mg) before going to bed once every 7-10 days; If you go to a mixed endemic area of falciparum malaria and vivax malaria, you can take piperquine phosphate (600mg) orally before going to bed once a month. However, the continuous medication should not exceed 4 months, and the interval between re-administration should be 2-3 months.  
2.Protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes is the key to preventing malaria infection.
Those who go to malaria-endemic areas must take measures to prevent mosquito bites. They should try to avoid outdoor activities during the peak of mosquito activity (dusk and night). They must wear long-sleeved trousers when working outdoors, and apply mosquito repellent to exposed skin areas; Try to use mosquito nets, or install screen doors and windows, or use mosquito coils or insecticides to prevent mosquitoes and reduce mosquito bites.
Chemical mosquito repellent is a more effective way to repel mosquitoes. When using insecticides to repel mosquitoes, you can use insecticides to spray the interior walls of the house to kill mosquitoes, and spray the room with insecticides before going to bed; use it at dusk Mosquito repellent is applied to the skin to repel mosquitoes, light mosquito coils and smoke mosquitoes. It should be noted that you must pay attention to safety when using it, and do not let infants and young children touch it.
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